Our goal is to source and accelerate innovations that will enable the production of more food with less water or make more water available for food production, processing, and distribution.


SWFF Announces Third Call for Innovations Finalists!

Securing Water for Food announces 30 finalists from our third call for innovations! From Kenya to Cambodia; small scale farming financing models to drought-resistant bacteria, we received a multitude of post-pilot innovations to tackle one of the world’s toughest challenges: water insecurity.

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Desal Prize Announces Winners on Earth Day

Announcing the winners of the Desal Prize! After competing for $200,000 in Alamogordo, NM, these teams will now be eligible to apply for funding to pilot their innovative technologies with smallholder farmers in developing countries.

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Take an Insider's Look at the Desal Prize

Couldn’t make it to Alamogordo, NM for the Desal Prize’s head-to-head finalist competition? Take an insider’s tour of the action from the competition with this new video. Check out the innovations, hear from the finalists, and see what made this competition so unique.

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